Attendees can be Users (people) from your organisation (added to the system by your admin) or you can invite 3rd Party Attendees that require no license.

  • Users can create their own meetings
  • Users can receive & manage their own actions
  • 3rd Party Attendees can only receive information and not interact with the system

See adding Users here (Admin only)

To add an Attendee to a meeting (User or 3rd Party), you will first need to create a meeting.

  1. After creating or opening your meeting, select the 'Attendees' tab
  2. Then select 'Add New Attendees'

3. Select people already added to your organisation - Users or 3rd Party Attendees
4. Or create new 3rd Party Attendees

5. Add required information
6. Either 'Save & Add Another' or 'Save & Exit'
    Then select people added as in Step 3 above

7. Set each Attendees role for the meeting
8. Select ' Save & Continue'

9. Select 'Next Step' and then send invites

  • Invite statuses will be set automatically for Accepted, Declined or Maybe - as long as your Admin has configured the Calendar Integration. Other statuses can be set manually

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