Attendees can be Users (people) from your organisation (added to the system by your admin) or you can invite 3rd Party Attendees that require no license.

  • Users can create their own meetings
  • Users can receive & manage their own actions
  • 3rd Party Attendees can only receive information and not interact with the system. See adding Meeting Attendees here
  1. Select 'People'
  2. Select 'Create New Users'

* Note: You can add System Administrators or Users and you are able to view number of each available licence on the below screenshot. Please contact use to add more licenses:

 3. Fill in required details of the contact you are adding
    a. First Name: Users Name
    b. Last Name: Users Surname
    c: Email Address: Users email address
    d: User Name: This will be the users signin I.D
                              [usually same as users email but can differ]
    e. Company: Company name of the user

 4 a. Select 'Save & Exit' if adding 1 contact.
     b. If adding multiple contacts, select 'Save & New'

As always if you get stuck you can ask for help in the chat icon on the bottom right of most pages :) or email us:

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